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Revolutionizing Medicare Compliance: Bolanle Media & UPL Partnership
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Welcome to the future of healthcare compliance! Bolanle Media is proud to announce our exciting partnership with UPL, the leading Non-Face-to-Face Encounter System. Our collaboration is set to redefine how healthcare professionals like you navigate the intricate world of Medicare compliance, ultimately allowing you to focus more on providing exceptional care to your patients



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    Unleash Your Practice's Potential with Bolanle Media and UPL


    UPL doesn't just follow Medicare compliance; we make it our specialty. Our team is constantly on top of new updates, ensuring your clinic aligns with current regulations, saving you time, and safeguarding against penalties.

    RPM allows for the continuous monitoring of patients without them needing to leave their homes. It enables early detection of potential health issues, ensuring quick interventions, and thereby enhancing overall health outcomes and patient satisfaction.

    • Partnering with UPL significantly reduces administrative hassles, allowing your staff to concentrate more on patient care. Our technological solutions mean more streamlined operations, less paperwork, and increased overall efficiency.

    UPL stands out because of our commitment to innovative, tailored patient care, and our deep grasp of Medicare compliance. Our partnerships and the scope of services we provide are a testament to our dedication to quality. With UPL, you're not just choosing a service; you're selecting a partner dedicated to healthcare excellence.

     No, UPL is unique in offering services with no setup fees or initial costs, easing financial pressures and aligning with clinics' economic realities.

    Certainly! Clinics that integrate UPL's services and meet our requirement for recording two or more vital signs typically witness a revenue increase of 25-30%. This surge is due to more comprehensive patient data, leading to improved care, and operational efficiency, making UPL's partnership a profitable venture.

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