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I'm Roselyn Omaka.
Founder of Bolanle Media.

About Bolanle Media and Omaka Partners

Omaka Partners:

“The Hub of Opportunities and Creativity” serves as the dynamic arm of our enterprise, extending the mission of Bolanle Media into tangible, impactful action. At Omaka Partners, we bridge the gap between investors and groundbreaking opportunities. We are the confluence where innovative ideas in various industries find the support and resources they need to flourish.

Bolanle Media:

“A Beacon of Positive Narratives”

Bolanle Media, under the visionary leadership of Roselyn Omaka, stands as a testament to the power of positive storytelling. With its roots deeply embedded in the principle of “finding wealth at home,” Bolanle Media is more than just a platform for news; it’s a celebration of unity, progress, and positive change. Specializing in shedding light on social impact initiatives across fintech, medtech, real estate, and media, Bolanle Media is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging a global culture of support and enlightenment.

A Synergy of Vision and Action

While Bolanle Media highlights stories of hope and advancement, Omaka Partners operationalizes this vision. We offer comprehensive office administration for creative projects, including script reviews and movie evaluations, ensuring that the narratives we champion through Bolanle Media are not just heard but brought to life.

A Window to Diverse Brands is also a window into the diverse brands under the Bolanle umbrella. Here, visitors can explore various businesses and initiatives that are part of our ecosystem. Each brand aligns with our core philosophy of pushing the world forward, whether through innovative products, services, or creative endeavors.

Join Our Ecosystem of Change

We invite you to explore and discover the myriad ways we are working to make a positive impact. Whether you are an investor seeking meaningful opportunities, a creative looking for a platform, or a visitor interested in the breadth of our offerings, Omaka Partners and Bolanle Media welcome you to join our journey towards a brighter, more united future.

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